Brian D. Williams

Ongo for iPad

Role: Project Lead

I led a team of developers and designers to build the iPad version of the Ongo news service.

Application highlights:

  • Seamless animated transitions from thumbnail to full article view using Core Animation.
  • Local storage of all content for offline viewing using Core Data.
  • Magazine style layouts with drop caps, inline images and links using Core Text.
  • Fast thumbnail image loading for stutter free scrolling using a custom raw image loader.
IQ boost

Role: Developer and Designer

Worked independently to create a successful brain training application.

Application highlights:

  • Released shortly after the iTunes App Store launched, IQ boost was briefly the 14th most popular paid application.
  • Custom charts built with Core Graphics.
  • Pleasing animations and audio, using Core Animation and Core Audio.
  • Internationalized text and audio.
Brian's Portrait
About Me

My biggest thrill is to design and build something new that people love to use.

Since getting my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction (the study of how people use computers) I've spent the last eleven years doing user research, interface design, prototyping and software engineering. My first iPhone application IQ boost was an early success on the iTunes App Store. Following that, I have built iPhone and iPad applications for Apple and Ongo Inc.

I'm enjoying my current challenge to design and build a web application for Pertino Networks in Cupertino CA.

In my other lives I've been a photographer, instrument rated pilot and avid scuba diver.